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Puppies Due June 5th!!

Winter and Abe

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The Promise

Please promise me…

that the way you feel will always remain the same.

Right now, you want to take me home, and love me forever.

When I chew your shoe, will you get mad?

Will you chain me outside, if I have an accident in the house?

Will you keep me in a crate because you don’t feel like teaching me manners?

When I am bitey, because I���m a puppy, will that make you hit me in frustration?

If the answer is “yes” then please leave me here.

I’m just a baby, I don’t know any better.

It takes time, patience, guidance, and love to make me into the dog you want me to be.

I am a lifelong commitment, not a throw away dog.

I feel, I hurt, I get sad. All I really want is to make you happy.

Teach me how. And then love me forever.

As I will love you.

Riley - DOB:  7/5/2012

Here is Green Boy aka  Riley

He loves watching the boats, the people on the docks and in the water in the bay from his front door stoop.  Riley sends best wishes to all of his litter mates and their human companions as the celebrate their 2nd birthday over the 4th of July weekend.

-Jonathan Crawford

Puppy updates from our puppy families

Finn - DOB:  7/5/2012

Finn (purple boy) is also a great dog.  He is full of personality - loves to frolic in the lake and to chase or be chased by his brother or other dogs. He is very loving and a great part of our family.  

Here's to another great year!

-The Brocks

Misty - DOB:  7/5/2012

Misty (red girl) is doing great! everyone loves her.  She has been spending time swimming in the lake and playing with all the cousins this week!  She has enjoyed these lazy summer days with all the kids home from school.

-The Hudson Family

Milo - DOB:  7/5/2012

Happy Birthday indeed!  Milo (black boy) is the most perfect dog I could ever ask for.  He loves sticks, trail running and all the love he can get!


Bentley - DOB:  2/16/2014

Bentley had a visit from his brother.  They played for 3 straight hours then he slept for the next 8 hours.  He is a happy puppy and is doing well.  He loves swimming in the pond on hot days or any days for that matter.....hope all is well for you and your family.

-Dan and Vicki

Maya and Koda - DOB:  2/16/2014

Happy Easter from the Solomon's!

Things are going great!  The puppies are finally crate trained. yay! They have switched rolls. Maya is the active one and Koda is the sweet and gentle one.  She will be by running partner! We call her the tasmanian devil.  She runs around the yard like crazy then comes and sits by your feet.  Koda tries to keep up but would rather just lay by us and chew on his bully stick!  LOL  They are our darlings!  Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter


Winter and Abe....Getting to know each other April, 2015