Next litter Planned late Summer/Early Fall 2017

Winter and Abe's last litter :(


1st Pick Male Puppy:  Michaela and Mark

​2nd Pick Male Puppy:  Allison and Logan

​1st Pick Female Puppy:  Dianne and Robert

​2nd Pick Female Puppy:  Carrie 

White Goldens of Washington

Hi Karleen, thanks for sending the video it is priceless.  Just like getting one of our kids.  I sent a photo of Komet in her favorite pose.  On the couch with a pair of socks she's not supposed to have in her mouth.  It's her morning routine.  We breezed through the fourth of July only looking up a few times as the loudest of bangs went off.  Give her a Traders Joe's bully stick and she is one happy puppy.  She especially likes their brand. Komet definitely has Bubba's head.  Big - square and beautiful.  Anxious to see photos of the other family members.  Take care and enjoy your summer.


Hi Karleen, Banksy (aka "blue boy") is doing great.  He is potty trained and crate trained.  We love having him.  He is a lot of fun and very smart.

- Josh and Cheryl

Simply The Best......English Cream Golden Retrievers

Hi Karleen -  Hope is your fall has been great.  We love Chloe so much - she is a great puppy.  She is the Best!